Hey! I’m Laura.

I’m a Cheshire wedding videographer, who has been capturing weddings since 2013. 

Since an early age I showed an interest in my dad’s camcorder, and loved filming things myself. At 16 I went off to college and studied Film Studies, and then onto University where I got a BSc in Film Production Technology.

Of course I had dreams of moving out to Hollywood, and breaking into the film industry. But after graduating an engaged couple got in touch and asked if I’d be able to film their wedding. And that is where Vision Wave Weddings began.  

My Passions

– I am happily married, and we’ve been together since we were 15
He’s a YouTuber

– I love my pets. I have five
Two beagles, two cats, and a chinchilla

– Holidays are my life
My favourite destination is definitely Hawai’i

– Florida is a close second favourite

– I love surfing. AND I met Kelly Slater.
And yes, I can actually surf

– Summer is my favourite season

– I wear Hawaiian shirts to every wedding
Don’t worry, they’re subtle and tasteful!

– I play guitar and ukulele

– Cheeseburger and fries

– Life goal is to visit all 50 states

But, what do I dislike?

– Garlic and onion

– Drama

– Misbehaving technology

How do I work?

My aim on a wedding day is to make couples feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Now, I hear you ask, how do I do that? I honestly just try and be fun, and nice to everyone. I don’t mind goofing around, if it just makes people feel more at ease. I totally get that it can be awkward having a camera on you, so I just try and become a friendly face, rather than ‘the videographer’ you hired.

I don’t carry an ego around with me – trust me my camera bags are too heavy to carry an ego too. I’m just fun loving, and genuinely really do love weddings. And I think that shows in my work.

Photo credit to Lowis Photography, and Pinky Photography

I would absolutely love to have the honour of capturing your wedding day. If you think we’d be a good fit please get in touch.

Book early to avoid disappointment.