It was a pleasure shooting Michelle and Alex’s wedding video last week.  The couple celebrated at The Ashes in Endon, Staffordshire. The Ashes is a place you can never get bored no matter the number of times you have been there, I am always elated to work there.

I love my job as a Staffordshire wedding videographer, I couldn’t ask for better opportunities than capturing amazing couples like Michelle and Alex and working at such fantastic wedding venues like The Ashes.Michelle began getting ready for her wedding at The Ashes so I went along to begin capturing her story. There was a lot of excitement as I captured the bride and her bridal party during their hair and makeup session. Filming bridal preparations always gives me a fantastic opportunity to get to know the bride and the bridesmaids a little better, and I always find them really fun to film.

Alex arrived a few hours before the ceremony just as their wedding guests had begun to arrive. Family and friends present at The Ashes witnessed Michelle and Alex exchange vows in a really emotional ceremony – I don’t think there was a dry eye when Michelle and Alex exchanged their own, personally written vows. Specially written vows are something I love filming, they really add to the emotion of the day.

The reception was a success and everyone had a smile on their face. Everyone was in a celebratory mood and was having fun. I enjoy drifting among the guests to take the best shots and witness the stories unfold as the hours go by.

Early spring weddings let me get the best of each moment. The sky was full of cloud, this acted as a large soft box, which really helps with the colours in the video.

After a delightful wedding breakfast it was time to get ready for the speeches. Some of the best reactions are captured whilst the speeches are being delivered. The speeches began with a beautiful speech from Michelle to Alex, and even included a video that she’d created for him. Michelle recruited her friends help in taking a photograph of a love note for Alex, in all the far corners of the globe, again there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Even Michelle’s 13 year old sister did a lovely speech, it was so sweet!

The evening celebrations began. The band played some epic tunes inviting the newlyweds and their guests to the dance floor.

Michelle and Alex created a wonderful day for their wedding guests at The Ashes.

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