Katie & Robert’s Somerford Hall Wedding

Katie and Robert booked me absolutely ages ago. When they told me of their plans to have a nerdy wedding I was well on board. Your wedding is your day so I really love to see couples own that and make the day entirely theirs. I’ve filmed at Somerford Hall before so I was super excited to be back.

I arrived a couple of hours before the ceremony start time and got to work filming. Katie and Robert had carefully selected so many things to decorate the venue themselves, and I took extra care to film these. Robert had even handmade some wooden Star Wars models, they were so cool. They did their theming perfectly, and it was great to see them bring their love of Harry Potter, Star Wars and Game of Thrones together.

Katie was already at Somerford Hall, getting ready. And Robert arrived not too much longer after me, along with his parents and best woman. 

Somerford Hall Wedding Ceremony

The morning of a wedding always flies by, and before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony. The guests had already arrived and were shown the way to the ceremony room. Whilst the guests were being seated I waited at the bottom of the staircase for Katie to make her way down. He dad stood to the side of me, excited and nervous – he was overcome with emotion when she finally made her way down the stairs.

Katie entered the ceremony room to Across The Stars, from the Star Wars Attack of the Clones OST. It was a brilliant choice, and fitted them so well. I love when couples decide to use film scores for their wedding music. Personally, I walked down the aisle to the Forrest Gump theme song, it was great.

The ceremony was emotional and wonderful, and it was fantastic to see Katie and Robert tie the knot.  

Somerford Hall Wedding Reception

After the ceremony Katie, Robert and their guests made their way outside, to the front of the venue. We captured their family portraits, and got some guests arranged for a confetti throw. It was a beautiful summers day, so it was lovely to be outside, enjoying the sunshine. 

After the family portraits we took Katie and Robert for some couples portraits. Now, this was probably one of the most fun couple portrait session I’d ever shot. Katie and Robert brought Lightsabers and wands along. I think this was such a neat idea. I think so many couples would be too shy to bring props along, but I really do think it makes the portraits authentically you. And isn’t that the most important thing?

After some super cool portraits Katie and Robert enjoyed mingling with their family and friends. And before long it was time for the wedding breakfast and speeches. The speeches were absolutely fantastic. Katie’s dad did a perfect speech. As did Robert. But my personal favourite just had to be the speech from Robert’s best woman, it was perfect, heartfelt and just lovely.

Katie and Robert had an amazing wedding day and I hope they have an awesome future together!

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