How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Wedding Videographer?


With the spring and summer wedding seasons fast approaching, many couples are starting to plan the finer details of their big day. One of the most common questions I receive is how much is a wedding videographer? To help you understand how much you should pay for a wedding videographer, keep reading as I share with you what to keep in mind when selecting a professional videographer to capture your special day. 

Working With Your Wedding Budget


There are videographers on offer throughout the country to suit everyone’s budget. Companies understand that not everyone is looking for the exact same thing when it comes to a wedding day. Each couple has their spending priorities in different places. For some, spending extra on catering is the key to a successful wedding. Other couples find that spending more on a wedding videographer is something they’ll appreciate for the rest of their lives.

When answering the question of how much is a wedding videographer, every videographer offers slightly different packages. This is why you’ll see such a huge variety in the prices on offer when searching for wedding videographers online. However, my top piece of advice is that price isn’t the first thing you should take into account when booking a videographer for your wedding. There’s so much more to finding the best value for money service. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important things to keep in mind when booking a wedding videographer. 

Review Your Package Options

As you browse through a wedding videographer’s website, you’ll come across a page with their prices and packages. You’ll notice that there are multiple options with most companies, which help to cover weddings of all shapes and sizes. If you are having a small, intimate elopement, your video coverage will usually need fewer resources than a wedding with hundreds of guests. Packages can also be tailored to fit your unique needs. You might opt to add more hours of staffing or additional videographers to help create the perfect video.

Wedding videographers around the country offer extremely varied rates. You’ll find companies with prices starting around £400, and others stretching up to £6,000 or more. The main thing to consider is what you are getting with your package. There’s no point paying thousands of pounds for a wedding videographer package if it doesn’t include anything you need. To discover how much should I pay for a wedding videographer, you need to think carefully about what you would like from this experience. Make sure the final video will be something that you’ll treasure always.

View a Wedding Videographer’s Portfolio


After seeing the prices on a wedding videographer’s website, I encourage you to then check out their portfolio. Most wedding videographers are happy to share examples of their previous work. This will help you to see whether your vision and expectations are aligned. The more you can learn about a wedding videographer before committing to a package, the more likely you’ll be happy with the final results. I encourage my potential clients to contact

me with any questions they have. From there, we can discuss which package would be the best fit for them. Any good wedding videographer will want to ensure they are on the same page with the couple. This helps to form a stronger working relationship and make the day a success for everyone.


What Impacts Wedding Videography Prices?

We mentioned earlier that prices could vary dramatically when it comes to answering the question of how much does a wedding videographer cost. You’ll even find some people offering their service for free online today. For the most part, the lower the price you pay, the less experience someone will have. Typically, a free service would be to help build someone’s portfolio. Wedding videographers at the lower end of the price scale will likely be in their first or second year of business.

As you get into the £2,000 or more region, you’ll find that these wedding videographers have many years of experience working in the field. They might bring with them a whole team of videographers who help to obtain multiple angles for your final video. When looking at how much is a wedding videographer and seeing prices in the £5,000 or higher range, expect a fair amount to be included with this service. As with any industry, there’s a chance that the company could be overcharging. Make sure you ask what you can expect from their services and clarify anything that is missing.

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Videographer?


Your wedding day can cost as much or as little as you like. As far as the percentage of your budget that you spend on a wedding videographer, that’s completely up to you. Each couple has different values, and that’s why there are so many packages on offer when looking at how much a wedding videographer costs.

As a rough estimate, many wedding planners suggest that wedding photography and videography takes up 10% to 15% of your budget. The higher your budget, the more you’ll have to spend on these services. Of course, you might be particularly concerned about preserving your memories. Wedding videography gives you the chance to look back for years on your big day. It’s something that can’t be added or changed after the ceremony. This is why I highly encourage this service for any couple getting married this year.

By following the top tips shared above, you can help to find the perfect wedding videographer package for your celebrations. A wedding videographer will help you to remember your big day long after it’s over. They’ll work with you to capture all of the memories of your wedding day. This works to create a video you’ll enjoy sharing with your family and friends. For more information about working with me on your upcoming ceremony, contact me today. I’ll be happy to share more information about the packages I offer and how I can help you to capture your wedding memories.